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Multi Fruit Flavoured 300 PUFF Shisha Pen Pack
Fruit Shisha Pen Flavours

eShish are available in a number of refreshing fruity flavours, either classic or mint. Choose from apple, peach, blueberry, grape, strawberry or some more exotic fruits such as exclusive pomegranate. If you really can’t decide, or just enjoy a little variety in your life eShish also come in multi-flavoured packs, allowing you to choose your fruit flavour to suit your mood.

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Shisha Pen In Mint & Fruit Flavoure
Mint Shisha Pen Flavours

The eShish mints range are for those who like their fruit to have a minty flavour. The cool and refreshing mint taste combines perfectly with fruit flavours that include watermelon, tangerine, grape, blueberry and banana. Each eShish mints stick will last for about 300 puffs, and with five to a pack that represents a very impressive 1,500 puffs per pack.

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Luli Shisha Pen
Luli (slim) Shisha Pen Flavours

The Luli range has been specifically designed for the ladies. Available in classic or deluxe they look as good as they taste. The slim line ultra-lightweight design and bright colours provide a perfect accessory for the girl about town. Choose between three Luli flavours, bubblegum, French Vanilla and cappuccino. Approximately 600+ puffs per box containing three Luli pens.

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White Luli Deluxe Shisha Pen
FDA Approved

Shisha Pen Product Quality

Our shisha pens and sticks are manufactured to the highest quality. Depending on the range each disposable shisha pen will deliver between 200 and 500 puffs of shisha vapour.

The vapour that is produced by the shisha pen does not contain any of the harmful ingredients that are normally associated with tobacco products or traditional shisha pipes. Unlike e-cigarettes that contain nicotine these shisha pens are nicotine and tar free, providing a full flavoured experience without any of the traditional smoking health risks. A shisha pen can last for approximately up to eight months, and represent a much more affordable smoking experience and their longevity makes them ideal for the occasional social smoker. Smoke a shisha pen, smoke safer!

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Original Electronic Shisha Pen

Welcome to the UK's leading online pen store bringing you the full range of disposable shisha pens. Our shisha pen combine the pleasure of smoking a traditional shisha pipe, and the enjoyment of smoking cigarettes, delivered in a compact and convenient electronic pen.

The eShish and Luli range comes in a number of fruity flavours as well as some more cosmopolitan flavours. Our sticks and pens are nicotine and tar free, they contain no harmful toxins and have no flame. Shisha vapour is odourless and fog free eliminating any problems with passive smokers and it is currently legal to smoke indoors in public environments.

Our range of disposable shisha sticks and pens are manufactured by Vapelux™ Ltd who were the first to market the revolutionary device that has proved to be so popular in clubs, bars and coffee houses up and down the United Kingdom, throughout Europe and across the World. The Luli shisha pen range is designed specifically for the female consumer, with their bright colours and long slim design they shout sophistication and style and come in Bubblegum, Cappuccino & French Vanilla flavours.

The 3 Shisha Pen Guarantees

Tick Icon Nicotine Free
Tick Icon 0% Tar
Tick Icon No Tobacco

Jerome - London
I gave up smoking many years ago, I felt healthier but missed the experience. eShish sticks allow me to smoke again and this time it’s all pleasure and no pain.

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